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NTI CD Backup Software delivers a total data backup software solution. NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe is the first and only data backup software title to provide full image backup and specific file backup for your CD-R/RW drive.

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CD Backup Software by NTI
 The Ultimate Backup Software - NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe
  • File and folder backup to CD-R/RW - Backup selected files and folders from local and mapped drives.
  • Full image backup - Backup your entire drive or hard drive partition, allowing you to save all your data and Windows settings!
 Powerful CD Backup Software Features
  • Automatic Media Spanning - Ideal backup software for large backup jobs! Backup Now! automatically spans your backup across multiple cds.
  • On-The-Fly Compression - Increase backup speed and store 1GB of data or more on a single 650MB CD!
  • Widest Array of Supported Drives in the Backup Software Market- Chances are, yours is supported.
  • Bootable CD and Floppy Creator - Create a bootable disc to ensure recovery in case of a system crash.
  • Automatic Backup Scheduler - You don't even have to be home! You can start your backup jobs anytime you like - when you're at work or while your sleeping, if you're in the shower or even walking the dog - ANYTIME! Just set the scheduler and leave your computer on!
  • Password Protect Specific Backup Jobs - For added security, you can protect your information from prying eyes. Just don't forget the password!
  • Incremental and Differential Backup - Would you want to backup everything, every time? Of course not, no one would! With NTI Backup NOW!, you make your first backup of your entire system, then the next time you can choose to only backup New or Changed files. Now THAT'S smart!
  • Backup in-use system files, hidden files, and even the Windows Registry - When you make a Full-Image backup you capture EVERYTHING - you can make an exact duplicate of your system and restore it to its prior state!
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The Ultimate CD Backup Software By NTI
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